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oakley sunglasses outlet sale different design elements, showing a wide range of champagne art. The Pompidou Masters of Contemporary Art from now until January 15, 2017, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, West Hall on the first floor display. On the Paris flower champagne Paris flower was born in a romantic love - 1811, Pierre-Nicolas-Marie Perrier and Ad e in the city of Epernay (Epernay) tied knot. For the common love of champagne, the couple created the Paris flower champagne factory, an elegant and extraordinary, prestigious Champagne brand was born. For two centuries, elegant and refined, the pursuit of perfection is the value of the flower of Paris cherished philosophy, because of its quality, adhering to the superb technology and quality pursuit of the perfect combination of traditional Paris Champagne champagne prestige and brand charm so far Still let the whole world be impressed. For more information visit: perrier-jouet About Pernod Ricard Group Pernod Ricard Group is the world's spirits and wine industry, one of the two giants discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet in the Chinese market is the import of alcohol in the International Group Indisputable first. Since the merger of Pernod and Ricard in 1975, the Group has enjoyed a long and stable growth through rapid organic growth and acquisitions. Pernod Ricard has many well-known brands, covering a wide range of product categories, the main core brands include: absolute vodka (vodka), Li Jia (aniseed), Ballantine, Chivas Regal, Royal Salute and Granite (Scotch Whiskey (Rum), Manfrotto (Gin), Manna and Malibu (Li Jiao wine), Mam and the flower of Paris, the United States and the United States (Irish whiskey), Martell (cognac), Havana Club (Champagne) and Jie Kasi, Bo Lan Song, Empire Pastoral and Grafina (wine) and so on. In the business development at the same time, Pernod Ricard has been long-term active commitment to sustainable development strategies, advocating rational drinking. October 16, 2016, Shanghai Rolex Masters (Shanghai Rolex Masters) in Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center successfully concluded. oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet Swiss watchmaking brand Rolex as the title sponsor, and seven times as the tournament official designated time, accompanied by the top tennis tournament along the way, across the minutes and seconds, to witness every wonderful moment. Final British star Andy Murray in straight sets in the final two, defeating the Spanish players Roberto Burtista, won the 2016 Shanghai Rolex Masters champion, which is his career, the first Three times in Shanghai summit. This year, the Rolex Rolex Oyster Perpetual Movement log for the championship 41 watch to congratulate. Regardless of changing tennis, Rolex Oyster Perpetual log-like watch as each player and event in general, through the test of time, legendary eternal shine. Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch with a 41 mm case, with a watchmaking technology leader in the Rolex 3235 type (Figure), the watch is a new generation of classic Oyster Perpetual Datejust Movement, this new self-winding mechanical movement for the pinnacle of the tabulation process, with 14 patents oakley sunglasses factory outlet